Get Down – Racials, Races, MoP, and you!

So with Kat so eagerly posting about the new undead racial they have in progress, I felt, and was told, that it is time to do our first blog! So pretty much everyone and their alt knows about the races and racials. Though, really, how much do you know about how much your race benefits you? To some people their race is simply a cool skin, to others it is that little oomph they need to get the max dps/survivability/utility. So when picking a race, how do you know which is right for you? Let’s get Down and find out!

Orc –

Let’s start from the top, and go Orc! Orcs are the backbone of the horde yet make up only a small portion of most players horde side. This is kind of sad seeing as they are one of three viable PvE races, and a not half shabby PvP race either. Oh well, on to the racials!

Blood Fury – Increases melee attack power by 1169 and your spell damage by 584. Lasts 15 sec. – It saddens me to no end to see people never pop their blood fury. While it isn’t a game changer in either PvP or PvE, it does help to boost your numbers. I see it as more viable for PvP where those numbers add up when you need to burst someone down. Adding it in to a macro is very simple, and worthwhile.

Hardiness – Reduces the duration of stuns by 15%. Ok ok, let me hear you gripe about hardiness. It is a worthwhile buff that helps out tanks when they are stunned and thus cannot dodge or parry. Even though most bosses do not stun unless to stop attacking to preform some mechanic. In PvP, especially to one class, this hardiness makes a big play. For now, lets talk about Powerful Shadowspirit Diamond. For other races, I would think, this is not a very viable meta. For orcs, however, this is an awesome meta gem and makes a huge difference. Now, add in, dun dun dun, Demonology warlocks, “What demonology in PvP!? No way!” Hey, I’m not telling you to play it, I’m just saying it could work. So, for arguments sake, let’s take hammer of justice and a full blown kidney shot and tear them down a few pegs.

6.0 seconds = Original duration
5.4 seconds = Powerful Shadowspirit Diamond
5.1 seconds = Hardiness
4.6 seconds = Hardiness + Powerful Shadowspirit Diamond
3.0 seconds = Metamorphosis
2.7 seconds = Metamorphosis + Powerful Shadowspirit Diamond
2.6 seconds = Metamorphosis + Hardiness
2.3 seconds = Metamorphosis + Powerful Shadowspirit Diamond + Hardiness

How would you like to sit for 2 seconds instead of six when you got metamorphosis going? Even then how about knocking off 1.4 seconds off your down time all the time? Still not impressed? Well aren’t you hard to please. How about 5% to all your pet damage? Still not convinced to go orc when choosing a warlock?

Command – 5% Bonus damage by pets – That’s right, not gimmicks, no tricks, no buttons to press, pure 5% bonus to damage done by your pets. This includes death knight, warlock, hunter, and does anyone really care if it effects mage’s water elemental? I sure don’t. Demonology and beast mastery people, you can stop drooling now.

Axe Specialization – Expertise with fist weapons, one handed axes, and two handed axes increased by 3. – A more accurate explanation for this racial is that if you have a fist weapon, one handed axe, or two handed axe equipped, then you get a 3 expertise bonus. Useful for combat rogues, enchancement shamans, and warriors. What? Death knights left out? Yep, unholy death knights need no expertise so this is worthless for them. Notable to be said for warriors as well, this is currently pretty useless as well right now. That being because the best weapon for you to get is a two-hand sword, and a little expertise is not worth a huge dps loss. PvP, expertise? I guess. If you were just gonna get an axe anyway go for it.

Bee tee dubs, do you know what dabu means? Dabu means “I obey” in orcish. With zug zug meaning basically “ok” in orcish. Also in orc culture, it is wrong to apologize for the past. Just some little info in case you knew everything else already.

Troll –

Once upon a time trolls were a viable, fun, and easygoing race that everyone could enjoy. Ok, I’ll stop blowing smoke, they have always been on the bottom of the barrel. Is it right that just because their feet resemble hate crimes involving fire that we shun them so? I dunno…maybe you should think for yourself sometime. Asking Down for all the advice? Not nice. I will just say, avoid at all costs unless you are a hunter. Anyway on to the racials.

Beast Slaying – 5% damage versus beasts. … … … … I WARNED YOU!

Berserking – Increase attack and casting speed by 20% for 10 seconds. – If you can pop this on cool down every 3 minutes, then you get about the same haste boost as goblins do passively… I WARNED YOU!

Bow Specialization – 1% critical bonus to bows. – Ok this is pretty nice, use and have fun with this…if you are a hunter…only… I WARNED YOU!

Da Voodoo Shuffle – Reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 15%. Trolls be flippin’ out mon. – Do I have to troll this? They did it for me! I WARNED YOU!

Regeneration – Health Regeneration increase by 10%. 10% of health regeneration continues in combat. – Worthless… … … … … … … … I WARNED YOU!

Throwing Specialization – 1% critical bonus to throwing weapons. – Ok? … … … … I WARNED YOU!

So besides these facts, and my constant warnings, do you need a reason NOT to play trolls? Because I got one. Trolls, including the trolls we play as in game, are all cannibals. The only reason they stopped practicing cannibalism is because of the orcs and tauren.

Tauren –

Who doesn’t love being a big, fluffy cow? … Well your opinion doesn’t matter. Only my opinion matters because I’m writing this article. I love the tauren, from their hooves, that are so good at punting gnomes, to their horns which are amazing at impaling gnomes, all the way to their three digit hands, which are good for grabbing gnomes to punt. I’m sad to say that besides their appearance their racials do not stack on the awesome meter… Well that’s not nice, half of them are epic. On to the racials!

Nature Resistance – Increases resistance to harmful nature spells. – Note: This does not stack with mark of the wild or any auras. That being, this is pretty useless. So…enjoy?

Endurance – Base health increased by 5%. – Decent for tanks, nowhere near as good as other racials though.

War Stomp – Stun up to 5 enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds. – All my want, all my need, all my desire, fulfilled by a single racial. Bless you tauren, bless you.

Cultivation – Increase herbalism by 15 and increase the speed of herb gathering. – If you are a druid, and zipping around a zone picking up every little node possible for herbalism. Then this is pretty stellar. If not, then, yeah, useless.

Interesting thing about the tauren? What am I? A lorekeeper? I don’t think so. I got nothing.

Undead –

Probably the second most played horde race, the forsaken, are a odd bunch. They have one decent racial, one racial that is going bye bye, and two nearly worthless racials. Anyway, let’s dive straight into the racials.

Cannibalize – Eat a corpse, gain health. – No that isn’t the direct ability, but being worthless I didn’t really want to type out what the real definition for it is. If you can afford food then this is worthless, if you can’t and don’t have a mage or a healer, then yeah, go nuts. Just do not expect anyone to let you sit around eating and not be ganked/left behind/kicked for holding up the group…as I said, not worthwhile.

Shadow Resistance – See nature resistance, shadow style.

Will of the Forsaken – Every two minutes you can remove all charm, sleep, and fear effects. Share a 30 second cool down with other similar effects. – Not as useful as the human trinket racial. Still useful when you don’t want to run straight into a new group of mobs when something casts fear on you. Though on bosses this should be never. It will keep your up time higher when a boss casts fear on you though. Useful in PvP against warlocks, and semi useful against other classes that have fear abilities.

Underwater Breathing – Breath lasts 233% longer underwater. – This, this is so useless that it is actually being removed. So I am not even going to discuss it.

(To be implemented!): Touch of the Grave – Attacks have a chance to cause damage and drain the health to the user. – Right now this is passive, but being that it would be so massively OP as a passive ability, it will likely have a once every 30 seconds to 1 minute proc, or a 2-4 minute cool down for a ability to use for a sure hit.

Most of the undead, believe it or not, still understand common. They just have such pride in gutterspeak that they refuse to speak common. This had lead to older generations of undead forgetting how to understand common.

Blood Elf –

Yeah, yeah, yeah, … blood elves. People either love and play nearly solely blood elves, or refuse to even associate a blood elf with a good adjective. I can amuse myself by watching blood elves from a distance. Low key video game racism drama plus popcorn equals good times for Down. On to the racials.

Arcane Affinity – Enchanting skill increased by 10. – Not too great, even for enchanters. Not much to say, no bonus to getting mats, no enchanting quicker, nothing at all.

Arcane Resistance – See Nature and shadow resistance, arcane style.

Arcane Torrent – Silences all enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds and restores some resource. – Epic, pure and simple. Good for PvE, great for PvP, just all around nice to have for a quick, free silence that also restores your resources.

Blood elves are most like the forsaken. They hate other races and are distrusted by the major horde races. The most powerful blood elf magic users are all insane. This is because their own power corrupts their minds without the sunwell to keep them sane.

Goblins –

Ok, you have read this far, I saved the best for second to last! If you want the best utility, survivability, and dps, go goblin. I don’t care what you think of other races, this is Down fact. Which is better than fact in that it doesn’t have to be right. So on to the racials!

Best Deals Anywhere – Best gold discounts, period. – If you don’t want to burn through every rep in the game then this is definitely for you.

Better Living Through Chemistry – Plus 15 to alchemy. – Almost nothing to say here, just some numbers. Second worst goblin racial.

Pack Hobgoblin – Calls your bank buddy, allows you to use your bank for 1 minute. – Only problem with this is a 30 minute cool down.

Rocket Barrage – Shoots a rocket at those fools! – Deals fire damage based on level.

Rocket Jump – Rocket yourself forward, can not use another slow fall technique for 10 seconds after using rocket jump. – On a two minute cool down, this is the best utility and survivability racial the horde has to offer. Basically what this is, is a get out of the bad free card. Every two minutes you get to jump away from a group of alliance, you get to rocket away from bad on the ground, or you could even use this to move in towards a boss after moving back to keep your up time high. Heck if you just want to move around the map, you can!

Time is Money – 1% haste boost. – What…what…what…free 1% haste? No button to push? No requirements? Just free haste? How can people not eat this up. This is by far better than any other PvE racial horde has to offer, and for PvP it is still a viable addition.

I got nothing, not even gonna try, what possibly could be next?

Pandaren –

Pandas…what is there to say? They seem useless, their racials are useless, they are fat, their racials call them fat. They are just mean to themselves. Let us get this over with.

Epicurean – Your love of food allows you to receive double the stats from well fed buff. – Fat panda is fat and loves to eat? Ok this could be a decent buff, but still the joke fits.

Inner Peace – Rested experience lasts twice as long. – Rewarded for not playing your panda, are you people getting the hint implied here?!

Bouncy – You take 50% less fall damage. – I’m not fat, I’m bouncy.

Gourmand – Cooking increased by 15. – Again, just some numbers that really don’t add anything.

Quaking Palm – Incapacitates the opponent for 4 seconds. – Ok, this is pretty awesome. Too bad my money is that this will be removed or added to the monk class. Too monkish to be used by the other classes.

Pandas are an endangered species on the verge of dieing out in the real world. To end this, blizzard has so graciously allowed an outlet for our panda hatred. Killing real life pandas is no longer PC. Now you have to slaughter WoW pandas. Kill on sight. This is your first command from Down. Horde? Trip them up! Alliance? Slaughter at will. No pandas shall go unpunished, or all my fears will come true.

Down’s fears:

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